Our activities

Gouadria group does not hesitate to take up the challenge of diversity. Indeed, the group is characterized by the multitudes of compétances development works in various fields to ensure the quality expected by our customers. Our activities cover different economic sectors: agriculture, mining, mineral water and services such as freight transportation, public works and property development.

Agriculture :

pistachios, almonds, olives, grapes ... and cold storage.

Extend our crops on agricultural land equipped with modern facilities are inspected regularly and are cultivated by professionnels.Pour ensure the highest quality, triage is performed to keep only the meilleur.L cold storage is done in the best conditions and reinforces our pursuit of qualité.Nos products and keep their original flavors and nutritional qualities.

Oil mill

Tunisia is the Six th largest producer of olive oil but the country's potential would allow him to climb the rankings. The group gouadria is therefore positioned in the market with a refined olive oil, extracted olive cultivation in the drylands of southern Tunisia that offer generous olive oil as moin charged with water and richer in fat.

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Mining :

The phosphate

is a vital product as essential especially in agriculture especially as the deposits are rare. Used as Fertilizers, this is a critical resource in a context of population and food needs in high growth. Tunisia houses a most important source of phosphate among the dozens of listed site and is positioned in 5th position as producer mondial.Le gouadria group is a major player in the sector, on the Tunisian and North African scene and is represented in this effect by two companies, one national and one Maghreb.

Mineral water: Palma

We operate a source in southern Tunisia and have a catchment unit and a packing plant these waters. Mineral water is now the most popular drink by Tunisians, we just enrich the Tunisian market with a new mineral water Palma to meet this increased consumption, but certainly more exigente.La source water Palma is a natural source, that lies long in the land in the south, a natural environment free of Sahara any source pollution.Une still under surveillance, which undergoes intensive health checks and in collaboration with the Office of the Tunisian spa. Palma to satisfy the market with water that meets the needs of consumers both in its taste than its nutritional benefits.voir notre site : www.socem.com.tn

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Services :

Freight transport: road transport

Our service is for all types of merchandise by routière.Le transportation is via trucks led extremely well maintained and followed by qualified personnel and we assidu.Avec your transfers of goods in Tunisia take place safely. One word: respect for delivery times while minimizing damage to freight.

Equipment for public works

We provide our customers, for their public works in Tunisia, under lease, a material of the first qualité.Nos public works vehicles are global brand leaders and maintained by us. Rent is to ensure the highest quality carefree maintenance or depot.

Real Estate

Our real estate development company is one of the leading companies in the market for Real Estate Development in Tunisia. Our projects are a perfect example, are always in a privileged environment (parks, squares, shops ..) to offer you comfortable living spaces, friendly and harmonious, close to infrastructure and access road determinants, while always seeking new horizons in architecture and decoration.
voir notre site : www.immobilierehaifa.com.tn

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